Broken// Passed up// & Cast to the side

I wrote this about this time last year. And since then, the passion for the lost, hurting and broken is even stronger in me. Especially since moving to Birmingham.  I want my feet to be dirty. My hands to be dirty and my face to be dirty because I am reaching out to the ones in a pit of darkness, lonlieness and dispair.

I dropped my necklace the other day and didn’t pick it up right away because I was in a rush to get ready. It was soon just another forgotten good intention. I picked my hair dryer up today and saw the necklace again lying there, due to my laziness. Rolling my eyes I bent down to pick it up and asked myself how many times did I look at thing before I picked it up. It was then the Holy Spirit spoke to me “How often do we see people cast to the side lying broken, passed up daily because we are in a hurry or lazy or don’t want to get dirty with their filth”. Wow. Did that speak to me.

It is our job to love people not to judge them not to berate them or condemn them. People want to be shown love. Someone once said broken people do broken things. And that is so true. We have no idea what happens in another persons life that causes them to act the way they do. Does that excuse their behavior? Absolutely not. But until someone to takes the time to reach out to them bend down to pick them up and impart Gods love to them and guide them they may never be “fixed”. I’m speaking to myself. I don’t like to be disturbed. I like my way my way and to be left alone. But when something comes my way I need to be prepared to drop self and all my insecurities and preconceived thoughts and become as Jesus and show His love. Not asking questions & not condemning, but showing love. Sometimes all people need is for someone to put their phone away take their watch off and give them some undivided attention and bandage their wounds for them. #lessonslearned



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