Playing Hide and Seek with the Father

imageIsaiah 5:6 – Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near

I’ll be honest, I have never really put a whole lot of thought into this scripture.  It’s never just stopped me in my tracks, took my breath away or brought me a ton of comfort in any of life’s situations.  You know, it just isn’t one of those scriptures we confess over ourselves or take up and go to war with. It wasn’t until recently I have ever put a whole lot of thought into it.

Derek and I are in the beginning stages of buying a home. We’ve driven all over neighborhoods we like looking for the perfect place to put our roots down in the city God called us to. We found a house we both loved in the perfect location. A mile from “town”, a mile from Elijah’s school (that would allow me to take him to school before I head to work), a big, nice acre lot and room to entertain!   We put an offer in and started the process of the bank loan. In the mean time we received a counter offer. A nice one! But before we countered, we wanted to secure the loan.

The loan officer called and said he couldn’t process the loan because my credit score was on the “teetering side” and was less likely to be approved. Told me a few things that needed paid to come off our credit reports and re-apply in 3 months. So, we paid the bills and now we wait.

In the mean time, I won’t call any names, but God began to use His sources. (Did you know He would supply EVERY need?). Anyway, God begin to work on someone’s heart that knew we were trying to buy a home. They offered to hold the loan for us until we get approved for our loan! So, we’ve submitted the offer, they countered, we countered, they countered and then we submitted our final offer on the house. I have even packed a few non necessary items in preparation to move quickly!  Now, I’m just waiting. And waiting is where God has been teaching me over the last few months. Teaching me to be still. To wait on Him. He would reveal certain words to me and I would write them down and meditate on them. All of them words of rest. Words of waiting.  All of them, if I would tend to them, would keep me from doing something that I could never achieve in my own power. I would have thoughts like, maybe if I just messaged the homeowners on facebook and plead with them, they would accept the previous offer of rent until purchase we had extended to them after the bank turned us down temporarily.  But He wouldn’t let me. He kept reminding me to BE STILL and wait on Him. Wait on His provision. And let me just tell you, IT IS HARD! Not all the time; just when I let my flesh get in the way of the Spirit.

But I started thinking the other day, “God, you could just tell me if this is my house or not. Whether to move on or not, wait more or go ahead and pack or leave everything right where it is. And then it hit me, I could have sought God about it first. Before we stepped foot in it, before we made an offer. Before I let the bank check my credit and lower it with their hard hit! That’s where this scripture comes into play: “Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near.” I don’t know about you, but I find after my heart and flesh gets wrapped up in a thing and I’ve already formed my own wants and opinions, it’s hard for me to hear the voice of the Lord; or accept it as His when He does speak to me about it.  It isn’t impossible to hear Him, my judgement about the situation is just clouded with my wants and my thoughts, that His get lost!  He may be on the otherside screaming to me with caution; and I’m over here in Believersville quoting, “He is for me and not against me scriptures!”

So, I’ve said all this to say, Seek the Lord with all your heart, FIRST! Seek Him and wisdom will be added unto you! You will know what to do in the hour to make decisions!  Seek Him before your mind is clouded and the voice of God gets drowned out! Otherwise, later on down the road you may find your self shaking your fist angrily at your provider asking, “Why!! Why did you allow this to happen to me!”


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