Serving the Church or Your Ego ?

Today, on may to work, as I do most morings, I was listening to WAYFM- Birmingham, my favorite radio station. The topic was about what turned people away from churches they visted while trying to find thier new church home. I heard things from visitor parking, to not being able to “blend in”. But something that just really has me on my soap box was this lady who had been visiting a church for 8 months. She liked it, but was finding it difficult to find a place to serve in the church.



If you are finding it difficult to find a place to serve then I think you are looking more for a position or a title. (That’s my opinion- take it or leave it) 

While there may be areas in the church that there isn’t room for you to serve, if you will look around long enough, you will find; A widow who would love company, a child who needs the love of a mother or father who isn’t there, a single mom who needs a financial miracle, someone sick who needs a meal cooked for them so they can rest, a couple struggling in their marriage who needs counseling; whatever your calling may or may not be, there is someone you can serve inside your local church! And if you are willing, there are people, if you dare, outside the 4 walls of the church building who need you to serve them! [gasp]  One simple act of kindess can shine the light of Jesus and forever change someone’s life!

Never feel like you don’t have a place to serve your church! This world is BIG and aches for someone like you to step out and make a differnce!


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