People offended by His Grace- THE RELIGIOUS CROWD


I recently shared this post https://www.xxxchurch.com/thehaps/goodnight-hugh-hefner.html by Craig Gross; Pastor and Founder of XXXCHURCH.com –  A church that realizes that sex addiction and porn addiction are real problems. They use the web, social media, and news media to tell a story often left untold. They are committed to helping men and women regain control of their lives by conquering issues like pornography addiction and sex addiction; offering multiple resources to help with pornography addiction treatment.

First and foremost, let me say this, I DO NOT CONDONE porn of any sort;- hard, soft, etc… whatever term there is for it – I do not condone it, but I do love the people who are in the industry. They’re hurting souls searching for fulfillment.

I shared the post because of this one phrase: Porn leaves you on empty. Come on… everyone who watches it can agree. So, why wouldn’t the guy creating it feel the same exact way?

If you read the post, its talking about a man who works at the mansion and is in ministry. (gasssp- a Christian infiltrating the enemy’s camp- how dare he!) He was a trusted man in the mansion and he was telling the story of Hugh Hefner reading, “The Purpose Driven Life”.

Maybe he purchased it. Maybe it was a gift. Maybe it was simply placed there as something to read to pass the time. Or maybe, just maybe, Hugh was hurting. Maybe, all the temporary emotions and temporary gratifications of this world could no longer fulfill him? Maybe he was searching for more. Maybe he had finally came to the end of himself and realized he needed a Savior? I wasn’t there, so I don’t know; but I do know that Jesus knows.

I do know how much Jesus loves Hugh. As a matter of fact Jesus loved Hugh before the foundations of this world! Jesus actually died for Hugh too. Jesus wanted to make Hugh whole and lavish His love all over him! Jesus was known for loving the outcast and the sinner. He’s friends with them. He loved them so much the RELIGIOUS crowd wanted Jesus dead. How could they condemn the sinner when Jesus went around setting people free?

So why am I writing this? A friend commented on my post and said, “It’s amazing and appalling that people use “God’s” name to justify just about anything they want…..”

That statement wrecked me; and not in a good way! At first I wanted to allow the anger pumping in my veins to respond; but knew I couldn’t let my emotions do the talking. I am simply amazed and appalled that people judge people so quickly. I am amazed and appalled how, us, as Christians, could so easily be seen as modern day Pharisees. We ask God to send us to the ones who need us the most and shun the path when it leads to a strip club, a street corner or a Playboy Mansion. Personally, I love messy ministry. I love the outcast. I love the ones people deem unworthy. Just as the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears; she was forgiven of so much that she loved Him so lavishly! I want to see people healed and set free! When people like Pamela Anderson came out against the porn industry, I rejoiced, but was immediately saddened when people came against her and said, “Sure, now that you have made your millions you’re against it!” God forbid! People cannot even change their ways after an encounter with Jesus without being thrown under the religious bus! We tend to accept “Little sins” as forgiveable and condemn the person with “too big for Jesus to forgive sin.”

So yes, I am too am amazed and appalled that people will used God’s name to justify just about anything they want; namely being self righteous and judgemental in the name of Jesus.

Ordinary People exonerated by the grace of Jesus

The Woman at the well (Jn 4:1-)

The Woman caught in the very act of adultery (John 8:1-)

The thief on the cross (Lk 23)

Paul (ITim 1) (Acts9)



Hugh Hefner

People offended by his Grace- THE RELIGIOUS CROWD


One thought on “People offended by His Grace- THE RELIGIOUS CROWD

  1. AGK says:

    Yep. It’s so easy to be the judge and the jury…and we’re not called to be either. Our job is to LOVE and point folks to Jesus. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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