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Holy Spirit Shortage

When I listen to songs lately, I like to think of Jesus singing them to me. ( Zep 3:17 ) As I sing songs that tell the Father how much I love Him, I like to think he is mirroring the words back to me. And I love it.

But as I sat here today and listened to the song, Fill Me Up, I began to think, God has already filled me up! He filled me with his Spirit the moment I asked Him into my heart! (Jn 7:37-38) He didn’t give me a mini version, a 30 day trial or years supply! He gave me His spirit! (Rom 8:11) The same Spirit that dwells in Him dwells in me!! I have a lifetime supply of Jesus in me! What more could I possibly need Him to fill me with? From His Spirit flows all things! Jesus was full of love and compassion and goodness and mercy! So if His Spirit is in me then I also should be full of all those things! ( 2 Peter 1:3) says He gave us all things that pertain to life and godliness! and (Acts 1:8) says He gave us power!

1) His Spirit
2) All things that pertain to life and godliness
3) Power

Now, what are we lacking? He gave us this gift, wrapped in a blood soaked cross, not so that we can put it in the closet next to the hideous Christmas sweaters from Aunts and Uncles of the past, but to pour it out!! (Jn 7:38) says, Whoever believes in me, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. Rivers go places. They are constantly moving. Giving life & providing habitats.

The same should be true of us. We should be a “moving river” pouring out God’s spirit to the broken, the hurting, the lost, the sick, the poor……. there will never be a lack of the Spirit. Never a shortage. Never a need to be filled up over and over again.

Never a shortage of the Spirit.. just a shortage of people who are unwilling to unwrap and use the gift given to them.